What is the size of the cup? What is the size of the candle?

The cup is 3" x 3"
The candle is 5/8" x 7"

How do you clean the cups?

Do not put cups into Dishwasher or Microwave. For larger pieces of wax we recommend putting them in the freezer to make it easier to lift the wax from the cup. Then if there is any small amount remaining soak them in hot (not boiling) soapy water. Rinse and let air dry.

How do you share the flame from the candles from one person to the next?

Start with the cups far enough down the candle to expose the wick. The person with the lit candle hold their candle steady and upright, while the person with the unlit candle tilts the wick towards the flame. After the candle is lit the cup can be gently moved up the candle to make sure the flame is enclosed in the cup.

Are the cups recyclable?

Yes, they are classified in the Other-7 category.

Will you bill my church or non-profit organization?

Yes, we will bill a church or non-profit organization. Once the shipment has been shipped the bill will be mailed separately.

Shipping Details?

We will ship your order within a few days of having the order. It will be shipped UPS ground (Continental US customers), which takes 2-5 business days, depending on where you are located. A signature is normally required. Express shipping is available if needed for an additional cost. Please call 1-800-387-1044 and speak to a customer service representative.