Compassionate Friends Celebration Cups & Candles (Box of 50)



Each Newville Celebration Candle includes a non-flammable cup that:

  • Protects the candle flame from contact with other objects
  • Is a wind protector shielding the flame from drafts and breezes
  • Is a drip protector keeping hands and clothes safe from wax
  • Adds color and beauty to your event
  • Recyclable

The Compassionate Friends cups and candles are blue cups with the national logo printed in white.  If you would like a different color cup please contact Customer Service.

Includes Cup & Candles in boxes of 50.

Since 1988 more than 20 million Celebration Candles have been sold around the world. At Newville we are proud of the safety record held by our Celebration Candles throughout these years.

Celebration Candle Cups are made of non-flammable plastic. The cups are specially designed to hold the candle securely, to protect the flame from breezes or contact with other objects, and to keep hands and clothes safe from dripping wax.

Celebration Candles have been laboratory tested by the federal government. Flammability of the cup was tested with scientific methodology using a Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI). Newville Candles’ Celebration Candles were found to have an LOI that well exceeds the requirements. They also meet the requirements for non-flammability of the International Fire Code (2000).